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New Section Added
Work From Home Guide
A handy guide to earning cash from home.

Coming Eventually
More Art Galleries
More Metal Radio

The links page is up. Enjoy!

The dark graphics section has been updated.
New images have been added and broken
links have been fixed.

New Section Added
The Marketplace of Doom
A Zazzle affiliate Store with some of the finest handpicked products Zazzle has to offer.

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This site is still under construction
but there is plenty of content available.

more art and literature
more songs
links page

This site is moving to a new server.
Many pages will be under construction
or unavailable a little while.

I never bother to update this site except once in awhile like when I add a big flashy Zazzle spam panel Like I just did now. For the must part this web page is just junk. Junk I like, just sitting her on the internet doing nothing.

New Shop Open!
Visit Wayward Muse Designs for unique designs on T-shirts, stickers, buttons, coasters and more.
Happy Shopping!

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Vintage Postcards
Frida Kahlo art gallery
Vincent van Gogh art gallery

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Gustave Doré art gallery
Theodor Kittelsen art gallery

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The flash play doesn't seam to want to play certain songs. However some songs still play just fine. This will be corrected soon.

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“Inside my empty bottle I was constructing a
lighthouse while all others were making ships.”

~ Charles Simic

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