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A Quick Guide to Earning Cash from Home

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{ all the sites here have been researched and tested and are *not* scams }

Crowdsource Work

Crowdsource work, also know as micro jobs, are small tasks you can complete for cash. These tasks can be many things like audio transcription, data entry, tagging or flagging photos, small writing jobs, academic surveys and more. Typically someone with post a task and then another person will come along and complete the job. These are quick jobs and you will be paid anywhere from a few cents to a few dollars and sometimes more depending on the job. If you put the time into it and do good work you can make decent money.

Amazon Mechanical Turk
This is one of this biggest crowdsource websites out there. There are thousands of jobs posted everyday. These jobs are know as HITs which stands for Human Intelligence Tasks. Hits are posted, approved and then paid for by requesters. The jobs posted are completed by workers. There are all sorts of HITs available such as data entry, transcription, academic surveys, writing jobs and more. The availability of these HITs to workers is based on how many HITs they have successfully completed. The more work you do and how well you do it will greatly effect what jobs are available to you. It is possible to make very good money on on this site, but it takes a lot of time and much effort to get to that point. Workers are paid via direct deposit into their bank account or they can choose to put thier money into an Amazon gift card. There are some great forums on the web for workers like Mturkgrind that people can go to for help, information and advice on how to make the most money. If you are looking to do micro jobs Amazon Mechanical Turk is highly recommended. Click Here to visit their website.

Clickworker offers micro jobs. In order to be eligible these for jobs workers must complete several assessments. The more assessments that are completed the more jobs will be available. Even if you don't complete all the assessments there will still be jobs available every day. Many of the tasks are search engine related, somewhat boring and pay pennies. However, those pennies do add up and many of the tasks can be completed very quickly. Payments are made though Paypal. Overall it's a decent place to find some small relatively easy jobs. Click Here to visit their website.

OneSpace is another crowdsource website. In order to do the jobs offered workers must complete courses which are essentially tests. Some of the tests a very easy and some others are not. If you are an absolute genius when it comes to grammar you should have have no problem passing the more difficult courses. Workers are given three chances to pass these courses. You don't need to pass all the course to find tasks to work on at OneSpace, however the much higher paying writing jobs require you to pass certain courses. They have some really good paying jobs if you can complete the them. Jobs include keyword searches, writing tasks and transcription. Payments are made very quickly though paypal. Click Here to visit their website.

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