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A Quick Guide to Earning Cash from Home

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{ all the sites here have been researched and tested and are *not* scams }

Print on Demand

Print on demand [POD] companies are a wonderful way to earn money. They can require a good deal of time and effort, however the rewards can be great if you are talented and work hard. Artists and graphic designers can upload their work to these sites and put them on a variety of products including t-shirts, accessories, posters, electronics and more. You don't have to be and artist to use these websites. If you are a clever writer you can create text designs with funny and entertaining sayings. Some of the best selling t-shirts on these site are simple text designs. You can also use public domain images. There is plenty of well known artwork that is in the public domain. Wikimedia Commons is a good place to find royalty free artwork. Just be sure to use high quality images with an exceptionally high dpi. It's best to scan them yourself. Images found on the web can be of poor quality when it comes to printing. You can also purchase royalty free images on VectorStock to use in your designs. They allow you purchase a special license from them that gives permission for commercial use on POD sites. Some of these site also have what's know as an affiliate program. These programs allow to link to products and receive a commission if the item is bought though your referral link. You can post products to your blog, webpage, or favorite social media sites.


Zazzle is one of the biggest and best Print on Demand companies around. They have very big selection of high quality products and offer new products nearly every week. They have clothing, housewares, phone cases, posters, skateboards, greeting cards, jewelry, and more. Designers get their own shop to display and organize their creations. Your products can be bought directly from your shop or though the Zazzle marketplace. You can set the commission on your products to whatever you wish. Zazzle also has a forum where people come together to share idea and offer advice. The Zazzle community is very friendly and helpful. In addition to this Zazzle also offers an affiliate program where anyone can earn a commission on products they help sell though a referral link. Payments are made once a month via Paypal or by check. Click Here to visit their website.


RedBubble is a great place for artists. They have a marketplace to sell your products and artists and designers also get a gallery to display their work and a shop as well. Some of the products they offer include t-shirts, tote bags, stickers and electronic accessories. You can set you commission on products to whatever you want. Payment are made once a month via Paypal once you have earned over 20 dollars. Click Here to visit their website.


Skreened offers environmentally friendly and ethically made products. They sell t-shirts and tote bags. There is a marketplace and designers can also have a shop in which to showcase their products. There is a commission cap of ten dollar and any commission over four dollars will have a hefty fee taken out. Payments over five dollar will be paid on demand via Paypal or by check for payments over 50 dollars. Click Here to visit their website.

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