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A Quick Guide to Earning Cash from Home

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{ all the sites here have been researched and tested and are *not* scams }

Survey Sites

Survey sites pay you money for filling out surveys. Most often they are consumer surveys about all sorts of products. These site don't pay that much and sometimes times there aren't enough surveys to do. They are still good for earning a little extra cash and sometimes you can get free products to try out.


This is is a paid survey site that has been around for awhile. Once you sign up you can fill out your profile information and then receive emails when there is a survey that is available that you are qualified for. You will be paid by check. There are not very many surveys to do, however the pay for surveys is decent. Click Here to visit their website.

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Prolific Academic
Prolific Academic is an academic survey site. Once you sign up and fill out some profile information about yourself you can begin taking surveys. You will receive an email notification when one becomes available to you. You can also check the site to see if there are any that you are currently eligible for. The pay is good. It is expected that people are to be paid at least $7.50 per hour for surveys. Unfortunately there are not always many surveys available. Once you have earned five dollars you may request a payment via paypal. Click Here to visit their website.

Toluna Logo

Toluna is a fun and somewhat social website. In addition to filling out surveys you can also have circles of friends on there. Members can send each other virtual gifts, known as gifties, that can be on rare occasions, turned into real actual gifts. Your gifties are also displayed on your public profile page. These profile pages display an optional profile picture, whatever info you wish to share and recent activity. Members can also create and vote polls. Polls can be about anything or nothing in particular. Toluna also offer product testing. They will send you free products in exchange for your opinion about them. As for the surveys, there are always survey available to do, however sometimes you will be screened out. Members earn points for doing surveys which can be redeemed for gift cards at stores and restaurants. Points can also be used to donate money to charity or converted to cash via paypal. And lastly points can also be used to enter sweepstakes. This is not your average run of the mill survey site. It's a really fun place with lots of things to do and explore. Click Here to visit their website.

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